How It Works

Special Love Songs are composed and recorded by some of the finest musicians in the industry. Our network of songwriters is comprised of musicians who each specialize in a particular genre, ensuring that your song will reflect your, or the recipient's favorite musical style!

A Special Love Song may be as simple as guitar (or piano) and vocal, or as intricate as a full band production. You get to choose your own musical style (Pop, Rock, Country, Christian/Gospel, R&B, Hip Hop, Jazz, Latin, and more). Lyrics can be written in English, Spanish and Hebrew. Prices vary depending on the amount of instrumentation and level of customization [see options below].

Once completed, we will send you a CD of your Special Love Song. We will also email you an mp3 of your song so you can immediately hear the final production.

For more details or to get started, give us a call and we will guide you through this simple and fun process! We will ask you some questions about your relationship and use the information you provide to compose lyrics and music, creating your very own Special Love Song!

We offer the following options:

  • Fully-Customized Song

    All lyrics, melodies, and instrumentation are created from scratch.

  • Partially-Customized Song

    This is the preferred choice if you are working with a limited budget. We will use instrumental tracks from a selection of our previously written and recorded songs, but most lyrics will be created from scratch. (We do not use any tracks from Fully-Customized songs.)

    The following songs are "Partially Customized Songs," which you can see on our Samples page: Fireworks, Little Bean, Dan's the Man, Sharon, Tracy & Danny, Total Rewards and Reverend Williams.

  • Instrumental

    A great choice if you need professional background music to an extra special home video, such as a marriage proposal or birth of a baby.

  • Additional Services

    We can also create a video (using your photos and/or home videos) to accompany your Special Love Song.We sync your photos/home video footage to your song so that your lyrics line up perfectly with the appropriate pictures/video.

    • Photo Slideshow
    • Video Montage
    • Photo Slideshow with Video Combo

Please contact Karen and Eric if you would like to turn your story into your Special Love Song!